Feeling frustrated – ugghhhh

I’m open for business

Having mustard the courage to start letting my besties know my website was open

– albeit with limited products – day one was a success. I wanted to stagger the announcement just in case there were any issues I needed to deal with before saying its perfect.  and of course there were a couple issues. they were mostly on my end.  The one that scares me a little bit is that sales tax didn’t work on one of my orders.   Sales tax should only apply to besties who live in PA. I had one order last night from a lovely lady who lives in PA and the system didn’t charge tax on that order.  Not that its a big deal – its only .90 cents.  But I have to get that figured out.  don’t want the tax man coming after me.

I’m still learning how things work – so I think one of my customers received a couple emails from me that may have confused her.   they were automatically generated and I didn’t realize that when I hit the “apply” button it sends  Uggghhhhhh. i’m hoping she has a sense of humor and doesn’t get scared off.  I will learn this software – just as I learned everything else.  will I make mistakes? oh I’m sure but i’m determined to figure this out.

in the meantime, I’ve decided to keep a presence on Etsy.  Idk if i’ll list new items on etsy or not but I don’t have to make that decision for a while.  I will no longer direct people to the etsy store but for now i’m leaving it open.

Today – I have 5 orders to fill – 4 of which are personalized items, my favorite.  🙂  so I’m going to get busy on them.  tomorrow I will work on the bugs that I have to figure out.

talk soon

Proud Navy Mom signing out for today.


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