Surviving Deployment – RED Friday

Tips for Coping with your Son/Daughter's Deployment​

  1. Try to stick to your every day routines. Familiar habits can be comforting.
  2. Don’t watch the news. The content is created to emphasize a story that is disturbing and it’s a waste of time. You would be better off reading a book or making plans with another Navy Mom to meet up. 
  3. Continue wearing your Navy Mom Gear. Proudly display your “Support our Troops” magnets. Tie a yellow ribbon around a tree. Make yellow lapel pins and pass them out to your friends/coworkers.
  4. Take care of yourself. Take a walk, mediate, get plenty of rest, eat properly, take a long bath, read a book, listen to your favorite podcast, get your nails done.   Be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty about anything.  Avoid drinking/drugs. 
  5. Deployments can be stressful. Common reactions to stress include emotions like fear, anger, and feeling “numb“. Share your feelings with trusted family members  to help manage your stress levels. Don’t forget that your other family members need your love and attention too. 
  6. Join Navy Moms groups on Facebook and share your feelings with other Navy Moms. You will relieve stress and realize that other people share your same exact feelings. Don’t isolate yourself, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help. Check out these Facebook Groups for Navy Moms.
  7. Pray for your son or daughter and get others to pray as well. Worrying is a waste of time. Pray instead. Send cards and care packages to your son/daughter but also pray for them. It is the greatest gift we can give them. 
  8. Check out this list of Navy Mom Resources /Recommendations.

What to Expect When Your Son/Daughter is Deployed

Can I just say, “Why helllloooo emotions!”

Yep, it is not just in your head. I’ve been there, Momma.

See, just like you, I’m a Navy Mom. When my daughter was deployed I would sometimes freak out. I think I experienced just about every emotion available during her seven month deployment.

I’ve been asking around to make sure I’m not just crazy (although, my husband may say I am). The conclusion I have come to is, when your son or daughter is deployed you can expect fluctuating emotions which can add to your pain. The intensity of your feelings will decrease as time passes and you will be able to focus your attention on day to day activities.

I want so badly to tell you that the feelings go away, but they don’t. They do get better though.

-Feeling withdrawn,
-having difficulty sleeping,
-crying for “no apparent reason”,
-trouble concentrating.

These are just some of the “normal” feelings you may experience during the time your son or daughter is deployed.  You definitely are NOT alone in this. 

There are a whole bunch of fellow Navy Moms who are here for you.

We hope that you found the tips helpful.


P.S. There are more tips below. I hope you’ll check them out. 

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Chrissy is a sweet Navy Mom who asked me to create a special R.E.D. Friday design that expressed how she was actually feeling. She missed her son everyday, but that particular day she was missing him terribly. She was holding on but needed some support.  Chrissy and I worked together and created a beautiful design.  She picked a beautiful red shirt to put it on and wears her Navy Mom Gear proudly. 



Dawn ~~~ I think about him every single day, when I get feeling down I say my special prayer for his safety and well being. I picture his amazing smile and feel much better.


Jennie’s daughter’s deployment went on for what seemed like forever.  She coped by getting herself a puppy and talking to her fellow Navy Moms who are always ready to lend an ear.  

Angie – – – My life was thrown a really good God’s curve ball when he said the words “I’m joining the Navy”

Pure proudness and shout to world , bragging all good …than it hit…fear, unknowing, unsettling, DEPLOYMENTS, all found the ways to fill the beginning cracks of what has become almost 5 roller coaster awesome years.

My fellow Navy moms are my true home base for they are the ones that always understand exactly where your heart is without even saying a single word. You can be in a room with Navy moms and never talk about your children but in a moments flash the first people that will understand your heart and jump into conversation of joy, sorrow, excitement and fear are indeed your fellow Navy Moms. The bond I have made in a few short years with my sea sisters are the strongest bonds I’ve ever made in my entire life, And they are the girls that keep me standing, pull me through it, laugh with me, cry with me and even sit in fear and wait & sit silently beside you.

Deena ~ I was so shocked when my son came home one day and announced he joined the navy. We never talked about him doing this but he felt he needed a change in his life. I understood his reasoning and supported his decision, not really realizing what that meant (not home for Christmas’s and birthday and other special days).  Well let me tell you I was a mess when he left for boot camp and I know that I never would of made it without the support of my Navy moms.  I had one special navy mom that reached out to me about everyday checking in on me. 
That’s the thing that kept me going – the support and just listening to me and telling me everything will be fine. Well 5 years later – I have so many navy mom friends that I love and care about.  My son tells me how thankful he is that I have the support from others mothers and so am I.  I stand before you a Proud Navy Submarine Momma!!!
I’m so thankful that my son made this decision to serve his country.  He has come so far since leaving for boot camp and I look forward to many more years as a navy mom💜

Kim’s son has been in the Navy for 3.5 years and is currently on his 5th deployment.   Kim wants you to know that you are not alone in this journey! Stay strong and rely on your fellow Navy mamas for support!

Be patient with communication with your sailor! Packages may take a while to get to them… No news is good news! Lean on your fellow navy mommas when you are feeling weak. 


Dawn S ~~~~  The ways I cope is I started journaling and writing him letters every Sunday on what’s happened during the week. Other than that, I just stay busy and pray for a safe return. 

Tracy T. ~~~ When my son first told me about joining the navy I had all kinds of mixed emotions. Happy, scared, proud all at the same time. When he went to boot camp I was a mess. I had no one to share my feelings with. I didn’t discover navy mom groups until he was out of A school. I’m so glad I found the Navy Mom Groups.  These groups and all these women have helped so much in this journey. Our kids join the navy and we moms get a new family as well. I miss him especially around holidays, it’s not the same. Go years in between visits. He is a mineman which kinda scares me lol. Soon he will be working on making them instead of disarming them. I’ll tell you, I would not be able to get through this without the support of fellow navy moms. To me that’s what helps me get through the rough days. Knowing there are people out there feeling the same emotions I am and they will listen and be there no matter what. My suggestion is definitely find a group and reach out when you are feeling sad.

Join your local Blue Star Mothers group for great fellowship and activities like visiting the VA and sending packages with the group. 💙⚓️ ~ Roz Y

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At first I found the PIR sight (FB groups) and then a few others with some drama, and then later the Navy Prayer group.  

I remember being concerned about how our son was going to do on his 1st deployment, (especially since he was really a newbie). It turned out that I was the one that was drowning in my emotions and I couldn’t begin to understand why?

I can’t even count how many well meaning people had unrelated advice, or those that told me things like “he was only on a ship, its not like he’s in the Marines (or Army) or the ones that said that dreaded sentence… “Well it’s just like sending them to college”. Talk about a gut punch!!! ❤️👏🏻 ~ Ann T.

Navy Moms!!! Yes pure and simple.
I had several who had kids on the same ship as my son and we chatted nightly. I am also in a local group that I meet with monthly.
If it wasn’t for my Sea Sisters I would not have made it through two deployments. (So far) ~~~ Peggy I. 

Candice G. ~~~ My sailor has been through a lot while In the Navy. We’ve been through deployments and detachments. I was one of the mamas in Peggy’s group mentioned above- my sea sisters got me through some very lows and some amazing highs. They’ve been there to listen, laugh, cry, hand hold. For each deployment, I had one specific project I worked on. It was only worked on while she was deployed. We are down to less than a year on her Navy contract, but her husband is still in, so I’ll still be a navy mom.

My Sailor has known since he was in the 8th grade he wanted to join the Navy. I told him to prove it. This is us the day he shipped to basic. He is forward deployed, so it is always a battle of the mind. My Mommas I have met keep me as sane as they can. I have lost some Sailors I made friends with and lost a couple Mommas too….your heart breaks when it happens. As a civilian you can’t imagine the terror that shoots through a parent when their kid says I am getting deployed. I went from being a spouse to being a Momma and it is rough, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have made amazing friends and people I consider family are now in my life. ~~~ Chelle D.
Laura D. ~~~ Being a submarine mom is harder than I thought possible and that was after two years of nuclear schooling which was hard.  But, at least I knew where he was. Silent Service has taught me no news is good, don’t be afraid to reach out, and ask questions. I joined his FRG group, became FB friends with spouses and other moms, and sent a weekly email updating him on life above the water line. My life boats during his three years in has been other Navy Moms.
She had just gotten back from her first deployment a day earlier than planned because I was suppose to meet her with flowers!
To get through deployment I try to trust her training and the other shipmates training to get her home ( all them home). Doesn’t always work but it helps.  ~~~ Theresa J.

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This is me and my daughter on-board the USS John C. Stennis in August of 2016 during the Tiger Cruise.  If you ever have the opportunity to go on a Tiger Cruise, I hope that you will.  It is a humbling experience. For more information about Tiger Cruises, along with tips and packing checklists, check out this article.   


What Navy Moms Are Saying . . .

I just received my baseball tee with my son’s Ship name on it,
SS Ralph Johnson.  Omg…I love it. I’m wearing it now.
Thank you so much for doing that for me. 
It means so much!!! 
The Ralph Johnson will be pulling into port soon. 
I cannot wait to hear my son’s voice.  ~~~ Colette R.


Love, love, love my new hoodie!
It’s the perfect weight hoodie,
not too heavy and not too light. ~~~ Mickie


One happy proud mom!
Cozy comfortable and great service! ~~~ C. Walsh


I cant say enough how I love these shirts.
I have a few of these. the fit is awesome. so comfy and just love them. I actually have like 4 of these. different design on each one. ~~~ Tracy T. 


Great quality, roomy baseball top and design.
Love it!!!!  ❤🇺🇸💙 ~~~ Colette R.


Check out the complete line of the surviving deployment shirt.