uhh ohhh

It cant be good when the boss is at the door waiting for you.  Right?

The “Boss” was waiting in my office for me today.  He said he just wanted to see how everything was going.

After a couple minutes of pleasantries, we got down to business. There were a bunch of orders to get out.  The coolest thing about Hersh is that he isn’t afraid to get his paws dirty.  Sometimes he tries to take the lead though.  After a little redirection and requests for water and bathroom breaks, we completed all orders.  Even the ones that came in last night.

As soon as I mentioned I thought we should spend a couple of minutes cleaning up he remembered he had a meeting with his partner (Chaleigh).   Cha is my silent partner.  Well silent until someone walks by the house or God-forbid the mailman drops off the mail.  Then, not so silent.

Until tomorrow, this Proud Navy Mom is going back to work to create new products for you.

Living the Dream.



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