Web Designing is Hard lol

OMG  web site development is tedious. good thing i like tedious jobs.  i enjoy looking through code for errors…. but its time i should be spending working on new designs.  I gave myself a month to get my site up and running.  That was December 2016.  Today is the 11th of January 2017 and i’m getting there.  I got a ton done but i’m afraid i have a ton more to do.

I ran into a couple issues that caused a lot of lost time. Yesterday for example i couldn’t get my favicon to load.  it was so frustrating.   I think I was tired or something because I tried it one more time this morning and it worked.   Tonight I had an issue with short code – ughhhhh.  i was trying to get the social media icons to center align.  They refused.  So after trying over and over and over again, I looked at the page and decided they were really not necessary on the page.

I’m learning so much information. I just hope I retain it.  I took a bunch of notes.   But all in all, I really enjoy web development.    I’m also getting a better handle on Photoshop, which was super frustrating for me.  But, with practice and patience, I feel like I’m finally starting to understand.

Tomorrow is another day.

Talk Soon