Giveaway Winner

Thanks for being part of this fun giveaway

As promised there is one winner

but EVERYONE gets a little something for

taking the time out of their busy schedule for playing along.

I know a month can be a long time!

So thank you for hanging in there.

I love all the comments, shares, and likes.

Without you, my small company would not exist.

But enough of all that!

The WINNER IS . . .


Lisa from Plainfield, Il


If you’re not Lisa,  HOLD ON


You’re a SECOND PLACE winner!

Once again, I sincerely  thank you!!!

As a second place prize you get to purchase anything in the store at 25% off .

Just use the discount code


at checkout

(expires 6/3/17)

I hope you will take a couple of minutes and check out my site.  I’ve been working on it for what seems like forever.  Items are gradually being added to the site and you will quickly see that the site is far from being fully stocked.  Its amazing how time consuming it is to just to add items to the site, let alone all the other fun aspects of maintaining a website.

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